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Garage door emergency? Here's what to do.....

  • My garage door is so loud! Can anything be done to quiet it down?
    Please click here to check out our video on how and where to lubricate your squeaky door.
  • Do you offer free estimates?
    Yes, we offer free estimates over the phone for service and repair, opener and stair installation, and free on-site estimates for door replacement. We would love to discuss your project and just can’t wait to work with you!
  • I know something is wrong with my door, what is the next step?
    On Track Garage Door Experts, professional and knowledgeable, are dedicated to providing top-notch customer service every step of the way and are always ready to answer your questions. You will feel comfortable letting the Experts work on your project, whether large or small. Finally, we back all of our work with the best warranties in the industry, and you simply can’t find that kind of peace of mind anywhere else. All of these customer service elements come together to make us the repair provider that Oklahoma residents trust the most.
  • Do I need a new garage door?
    In addition to repair services, we install new doors and openers. We will work with you to find the perfect garage door to meet your needs and exceed your expectations, with choices from several top brands. You have many options available; your home doesn’t have to look just like all the others on the block. Show off your style and be unique! On Track Garage Door Experts, LLC has you covered.
  • Do I need a maintenance visit?
    Many of our competitors charge for a “maintenance” package to help keep your door in good working order. For a fee, they will come out and check over your door from top to bottom, advise you as to what needs replaced or repaired, and provide those repairs for the cost of the parts and labor. Every complete service visit from On Track includes this same maintenance package at no charge! We check out your door and opener from the track, springs, hangers and sensors, then we lube, oil and adjust as needed, all at no extra charge. We are happy to provide free estimates for replacement if we find any issues. Yes, this maintenance has been part of our service philosophy since we opened our doors, and hey, did I mention that it is provided at no extra charge?
  • Common Door and Opener Problems
    Broken Springs Typical life cycle of a spring is about 7 years Sensors Some object blocking the “photo eyes” Wiring may need replaced Fasteners & Hinges Can be replaced, re-installed and shored up Off Track Door can be re-hung, cable and rollers replaced good as new Lost/Misplaced Remote Controls Broken Gears Door Section Replacement Electric Opener Service Broken, brittle weatherstripping and perimeter seals Door vibrates and shakes more than is normal Door sags, is uneven Strange loud noises, screeching or pops Call the Experts at On Track, we know what to do!
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